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Restaurants and night clubs are the 
toughest businesses to perfect. Exploited 

to provide some of the highest ratings for 
reality TV shows, it is easy to see that 
restaurants are very cumbersome with 
hazards lurking at every turn. Nearly all 
restaurants and night clubs have areas for 

Destination Restaurant Consulting is a 
nationwide organization of hospitality 
whom have actually been in your 
shoes! Each of our dozens of Destination 
Consultants has more than a decade of
experience as executive manager or owner
 of at least two different restaurants. Our unmatched network of seasoned professionals provides an instant link to experience with a concept similar to yours.

Destination Restaurant Consulting offers a variety of services
with the overall goal of enhancing the bottom line. In addition to creating signature dishes, improving facility design, training, marketing, and branding, we are also experts in backroom operations such as cost control, vendor/lease negotiations, policies and secret shoppers. Consider purchasing our Restaurant Rescue Kit which includes all the forms and checklists needed to operate profitably and get your restaurant back on track.  

Our Destination Restaurant University provides a variety of 
training focused on enhancing tips, up-selling, cutting costs, providing excellent service, bartending, new openings and ServSafe certification. Classes may be done on-site at your facility or at one of our remote locations located throughout the United States.   

Those interested in purchasing/leasing a restaurant or bar are invited to visit our 
listings page to find available properties in your area. As a free service for prospective new clients, we have partnered with the most knowledgeable real estate agents throughout the United States specializing in hospitality properties. If the transaction goes through, properties purchased through our agent partners will receive $500 in complimentary consulting services from Destination Restaurant Consulting. Complete the request form and a qualified real estate agent will contact you within two business days.

Destination Restaurant Consulting provides you the guidance to solve problems and make your vision a reality with guaranteed satisfaction. We provide value-based consulting services based on the goals you want us to achieve. Our consultants often recommend changes that are easily implemented but yield big profits. Whether you are at the beginning stages of concept development, established but not reaching your goals, wanting a professional on-call, or dealing with a “Kitchen Nightmare”, Destination Restaurant Consulting provides the opportunity to meet your goals.   

It is impossible for anyone to be great at all aspects of the restaurant and bar business so focus on your strengths and let us fill in the gaps. Call Destination Restaurant Consulting at (800) 653-8575 or contact us for more information.

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